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Automated Trader Magazine Issue 09 Q2 2008

The career of Steve Radez might easily be described as being in a permanent state of flux. “Over time, profitable inefficiencies will disappear and you will have to move on to something else,” says the man regarded by many as the world’s first automated trader. Radez looks back at the key decisions and developments in his varied career . Change is also expected in the fixed income markets following the recent credit crisis.  ‘ Picking up the Pace ’ looks at how greater transparency and liquidity could enable growth of algo and auto trading. And as the fixed income markets await a regulatory response, Mary Lou Von Kaenel and Greg Malatestinic of Jordan & Jordan consider the regulatory risks raised by the unprecedented growth in the volumes and pace of algorithmic trading .

Predicting change is the theme of Ernest Chan’s article on regimeswitching models , while effecting change – in terms of portfolio transition via algorithm trading – is explored by Joseph Sidibe of Merrill Lynch . From a technology perspective, Skyler’s Valerie Bannert-Thurner argues that buy-side use of market data must change to support dynamic trading models and Angelo Corsaro of PrismTech explains how a new middleware can handle increased message traffic. For readers wondering whether their trading platform is able to handle future changes in the trading environment, this issue’s Technology Forum focuses on order and execution management systems. Heraclitus may well have recognised the challenge.

Chris Hall - Editor issue 09

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