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RSJ chooses Kx to support algo trading

First Published 22nd May 2013

Czech derivatives trading group RSJ chose Kx for its algo trading.

Palo Alto - Kx Systems said Czech Republic-based RSJ, the biggest trader on NYSE Liffe and a large trader on other derivatives exchanges, had chosen Kx's kdb+ to support its algorithmic trading.

"The company collects data on numerous instruments, with over 10 million records per day on Eurodollar futures alone. It uses several months of tick data of the most liquid securities in the world, mostly Eurex, NYSE Liffe and CME futures, to run intra-day trading simulations and what-if scenarios," Kx said in a news release.

Martin Ducháček, head of algorithmic system development at RSJ, said his firm was seeing substantial improvements with Kx's kdb+.

"As well as very significant reductions in processing times, where previously a query on a day's data would take a couple of hours -- which is far too slow -- with kdb+ we can write a query in a couple of minutes and see the results in seconds. This allows us to react to market situations almost immediately."

He said this allowed the firm to do things it previously couldn't.

Simon Garland, chief strategist at Kx Systems, said RSJ was the ideal client for making use of Kx's language and high-performance database. "RSJ collects huge quantities of tick data and needs to access and query it very quickly in order to be able to create and test models, test strategies, identify unusual market situations and react to them," Garland said.