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GuavaTech provides colo services for CFE at LD4

First Published 12th June 2013

GuavaTech announces CBOE Futures Exchange hosting and connectivity access at London LD4

Chicago - GuavaTech, a managed service provider specializing in customized IT solutions, has announced that it will begin offering proximity hosting and ultra-low latency connectivity solutions for CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE) at the LD4 data centre located in London, UK.

GuavaTech now provides CFE with market data access and colocation services at LD4, offering European traders access to all CFE quotes and trades, including spreads. In addition, CFE has installed fee waivers through the end of 2013 to enable low-cost entry through the LD4 co-location facility.

"The addition of CFE's presence at LD4 -- in conjunction with GuavaTech's international ultra-low latency connectivity offerings -- allows our clients to further diversify their strategies across the global marketplace and take advantage of the unique products CFE offers," said Michael Pappas, SVP of Business Development at GuavaTech, Inc. "CFE is pleased to employ GuavaTech's first-rate connectivity services to help us expand the delivery of CFE market data to our European customers."

CFE Senior Managing Director James Lubin said. "This year we opened our London Hub to support our expansion into Europe, and since then have been working to create new, high-speed ways for our customers to receive data and to trade the most comprehensive array of volatility products in the world."