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AlgoSpan provides co-location access to SIX Swiss Exchange

First Published 27th August 2013

AlgoSpan provides low latency access to SIX Swiss Exchange co-location, including new Sponsored Access Service

AlgoSpan has announced that from 20 September it will provide low latency access to the co-­location offering of SIX Swiss Exchange, a prerequisite for using its new Sponsored Access service.

Launched on 19 August 2013, the SIX Swiss Exchange Sponsored Access facility allows Sponsoring Participants of the Exchange to accommodate Sponsored Users directly submitting orders to the Exchange themselves.

The Sponsored Users connect to SIX Swiss Exchange using its co-­location Service (in collaboration with Equinix), to which trading access is provided by the Sponsoring Participant. With co-location access, participants can access the SIX Swiss Exchange X-­stream INET trading technology.

Dr Rami Habib, co-founder and director of AlgoSpan said: "As one of the co­‐location providers of SIX Swiss Exchange, we are delighted to see its launch of Sponsored Access. We are seeing a lot of interest from our clients and are committed to providing them with first-­class market access infrastructure via AlgoNet."

Chris Landis, Managing Director and Head of Operations at SIX Swiss Exchange, commented: "Third party service providers in combination with the sponsoring participants play a vital role in facilitating sponsored users access to the infrastructure of SIX Swiss Exchange via co-­location. Their connectivity solutions, applications and hosted systems form a critical link between the exchange and our participants."