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Eka releases PositionCenter solution for commodity companies

First Published 17th September 2013

New PositionCenter to provide interactive and collaborative approach to position management and decision-making

Bangalore, India - Eka Software Solutions, the provider of end-to-end commodity management software, has released its new PositionCenter solution for commodity companies.

Eka.PositionCenter aims to provide an interactive and collaborative approach to position management and decision-making. Using analytical and graphical interfaces, it helps decision-makers to understand the WHAT-HOW-WHY: what is the current position and P&L across physicals and financials, how this position came about, and why we're holding this position. It aims to guide users through a defined process for arriving at answers and provide flexibility to change the analysis methodology based on business requirements and enable collaboration with other users.

Manav Garg, founder and CEO of Eka said, "As commodity markets continue to take centre stage in world economics, producers and traders have become increasingly dependent on technology to make the right decisions for an efficient business. Traditional spreadsheets and first generation legacy systems are no longer able to provide the necessary timeliness and trading support. We are seeing many commodity companies looking to replace their incumbent systems. Our clients are representative of high-demand users and always drive us to provide the most advanced trading and risk solutions. I'm confident the release of our new PositionCenter provides a major step forward in monitoring and management for tier-one participants in commodity markets."