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Linedata opens APAC local support facility for back office clients

First Published 18th December 2013

Linedata provides 24 hour support coverage from new Hong Kong facility.

Paris, Boston, Hong Kong, London - Linedata has announced the opening of a new client support facility in Hong Kong, dedicated to its Back Office clients.

The new facility will enable Linedata's 180 back office clients to access 24 hours of support coverage if required.

"Providing local first line support for our multi-national clients was the key reason for us investing in this new support facility for Linedata's Back Office business line," explains Arnaud Allmang, Chief Operating Officer of the Back Office business line at Linedata. "We have found we attain higher levels of client satisfaction with local first line support. Growing local expertise for our global Back Office platform means we can better support our clients no matter where they are, and no matter what size or type of fund servicing they operate."

"We have been able to attract new business in Asia through our ability to support locally," continues Arnaud Allmang. "We anticipate this being a growth region for our Back Office business as we are equipped to deal with the various regulatory and accounting requirements of different jurisdictions as well being able to provide the type of scalability needed and the flexibility to handle new instrument types and fund structures. With a focus on automation and exception management, we continue to invest in product, infrastructure and our employees in order to meet these demands."