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Interactive Data launches Web Analytics

First Published 9th January 2014

Interactive Data launches suite of web analytics tools.

Frankfurt - Interactive Data Corporation, the provider of financial market data, analytics and customised web solutions for financial institutions, has announced the launch of a suite of web analytics tools.

The Web Analytics suite provides organisations such as retail banks, online brokers or media portals with tools designed to track the usage of their websites and perform analyses of information, products and services.

Interactive Data's cloud-based market data platform integrates web analytics with global financial market data, a firm's internal research, and product information. Firms can also combine the interplay between topics in which users are most interested with virtual portfolio behaviour. Information can be displayed on the website in the form of small widgets, providing updates on the most searched securities or holdings other users recently added to their virtual portfolios. This can enable banks and brokers to provide website users with actionable insight on other users' strategies and support them in their investment decisions.

Sentiment gathered from social networks such as Twitter can also be made available to users. This data can be integrated and displayed together with related web behavioural statistics.

"Financial firms are striving to increase their competitive advantage by addressing the needs of their clients more effectively," says Matthias Paul, Global Managing Director, Interactive Data Managed Solutions. "By leveraging our core expertise in the gathering, analysis and visualisation of data from multiple sources, combined with our depth of market knowledge, we are able to better support organisations in maximising the effectiveness of their web presence."