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Options adds Quincy Extreme Data to electronic trading platform

First Published 29th January 2014

Quincy Data's solution to be available to Options customers via the Options PIPE Velocity platform.

New York - Options, the private financial cloud provider, has announced the availability of Quincy Data's Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service, enabling the managed service provider to offer low latency data to customers trading across markets in Equinix NY4 and the CME.

The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service sources data from multiple financial exchanges and delivers a normalized feed to colocation centres around the world. To minimize latency, the service provides only key data items for the most liquid instruments. Options customers can now access market data at roughly 4.1 microseconds rack-to-rack, about 50% faster than fibre based direct feeds.

The upgrade will provide low latency for customers leveraging Options' PIPE Velocity, one of the three service offerings delivered via the IaaS provider's Options Private Financial Cloud platform. PIPE Velocity is a complete electronic trading infrastructure solution, providing low latency market data, high throughput market connectivity and vendor neutral application hosting as a single, fully managed service for all major markets across North America, Europe and Asia.

Ken Barnes, SVP of Options, commented, "Electronic trading firms are looking for their service providers to focus on what they excel at, and embrace the best from the rest. Options provides a world class managed infrastructure experience that enables rapid access to services such as Quincy, who themselves are singularly focused on a best in class suite of latency arbitrage enabling data services. We're pleased to continue making these partner innovations available to our customers."

Jim Considine, Quincy's Director of Business Development notes, "Quincy is dedicated to making the fastest market data available to all trading participants. This offering by Options will broaden such access by simplifying adoption for its customers, both large and small."