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NASDAQ Global Index Family now available through RIMES Benchmark Data Service

First Published 25th March 2014

NASDAQ Global Index Family now available through RIMES Benchmark Data Service.

New York - The NASDAQ OMX Group has announced that the NASDAQ Global Index Family, comprised of nearly 9,000 global securities with a combined $41.8 trillion float-adjusted market capitalization, is now available on the RIMES Benchmark Data Service.

Adding the NASDAQ Global Index Family expands upon the NASDAQ indexes available on RIMES. The following seven index families have been available on RIMES beginning in 2011:

  • NASDAQ OMX Nordic/Baltic Indexes
  • NASDAQ Commodity Indexes
  • NASDAQ/PHLX Indexes
  • NASDAQ Green Economy Indexes
  • NASDAQ Dividend & Income Indexes
  • NASDAQ OMX Nordic Fixed Income Indexes
  • NASDAQ Axioma Equity-Commodity Indexes

"Deepening our partnership with RIMES provides their clients access to NASDAQ OMX's full range of global equity indexes to benchmark their portfolios and respond to client demand for competing benchmark options." said Oliver Albers, VP of Sales for Global Data Products,

RIMES Benchmark Data Service formats NASDAQ Index Data according to clients' specific criteria, and delivers it through files customized to fit each client's systems, ready to be used within their applications.

"The data from NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes continues our commitment to providing the full suite of data for all the NASDAQ OMX indexes, customized to our clients' exact specifications" states Alessandro Ferrari, SVP Global Marketing, RIMES. "These additional indexes improve clients' access to NASDAQ Indexes and supplement their existing choice of indexes."