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Kx Systems announces for developers

First Published 3rd April 2014

Kx Systems announces new community site and free version of its database software and programming language.

Palo Alto, CA - Kx Systems, the database and time-series analytics provider, has announced its new website,

Kx is also announcing that the 32-bit version of its database kdb+, and its expressive query language q, will now be free for commercial use.

The new site will be a platform to bring together the community of kdb+ developers, and serve as a starting point for new types of developers looking for a highly scalable database technology with a built-in query language.

"The entrepreneurial spirit is shaping so much of the dialogue about technology today," said Janet Lustgarten, Kx CEO. "We want to participate in this time of innovation, and make a version of our product that has been proven by industry and academia available for use by new entrepreneurs."