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KVH connects Asian data centres with DCNET

First Published 12th May 2014

KVH announces burstable Ethernet service exclusively for data centre to data centre connectivity.

Ted Higase, president and CEO, KVH

Ted Higase, president and CEO, KVH

"With DCNet, linking to other data centres becomes just a cross-connect way."

Chicago - KVH the Asian information delivery platform headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is launching DCNet, its new burstable data centre to data centre interconnection service that will link 100 data centres across Asia in 2014.

With service availability in July 2014, DCNet offers pre-wired carrier-grade elastic Ethernet connectivity between KVH's data centres and other data centres in the region providing customers with a greater choice in where they collocate and with whom they connect.

DCNet will reach 100 data centre facilities in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Singapore and Hong Kong. The service will also be supported with on-ramps from the United States via CoreSite, a U.S. provider of data centre solutions, with data centres stretching from Silicon Valley and Los Angeles to Chicago and New York.

Available as a point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint service, DCNet delivers bandwidth from 100Mbps to 10Gbps across a pre-wired eco-system of facilities, with a 100Gbps service becoming available in Q1, 2015. This service is a replacement of more expensive point to point primary networks and is designed to meet an enterprise's connectivity needs for business continuity planning (BCP), diversification of data center sites, and expansion of data center usage. DCNet is also available to service providers and cloud platform providers who require connectivity to multiple data center sites with broad geographic coverage and want to avoid the complexity of negotiating and managing many individual network contracts.

"KVH's DCNet is a game changing service as it links the leading data centers in Asia's major financial cities across many different data center operators into a common virtual data center cloud," explains Ted Higase, KVH President and Chief Executive Officer. "As IT becomes more service-based, with these services being driven out of data centers, connectivity between data centers for service providers, content distributors, and enterprises becomes more important. DCNet represents a big step for KVH in addressing this demand as well as in offering a usage-based network service that will allow customers to order and activate networks between data centers in an as-needed fashion using SDN (Software-Defined-Network) technology. With DCNet, linking to other data centers becomes just a cross-connect way."