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Chi-X Japan launches Chi-Match VWAP Cross

First Published 22nd September 2014

Chi-Match VWAP Cross offers broker neutral morning, afternoon and full-day cross.

Tokyo - Chi-X Japan has launched Chi-Match VWAP Cross (Volume Weighted Average Price) on September 1, 2014. Chi-Match VWAP Cross offers participants a broker neutral morning, afternoon and full-day cross. Chi-X Japan trading participants access Chi-Match through existing connectivity.

Mr. Nagahori, COO of Chi-X Japan, commented, "We are very encouraged by the early adoption of Chi-Match from both new and existing participants. As participants continue to look for greater liquidity and opportunities to achieve better execution for their clients, we are pleased that we can offer a crossing facility that benefits the trading community."

Mr. Akiba, Head Operating Officer of Ichiyoshi Securities, commented, "As we continue to look for tools to help us reduce the complexities in today's market, we are pleased that Chi-Match offers a new source of liquidity. We are pleased with our trading experience on Chi-Match and we look forward to participating in the months to come.

Mr. Oishi, Director of Deutsche Securities, commented, "In Japan, we have seen a lot of demand for a broker-neutral VWAP Cross. We are delighted with Chi-Match's recent launch and are confident that the trading community will benefit from another source of liquidity."