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Abacus launches Abacus Client Portal

First Published 30th September 2014

Abacus Group's Client Portal enhances visibility into Abacus private cloud environments, provides control and access to critical user data.

New York - Abacus Group, a provider of hosted IT solutions for hedge funds and private equity funds, has introduced the Abacus Client Portal to give clients greater control and transparency into their AbacusFLEX services. The new service allows clients to access informative data for resources being used for each subscribed service, customize monitoring and alerts, and communicate with Abacus Group.

Developed based on customer feedback, the Abacus Client Portal is specifically designed to help investment firms gain full visibility into Abacus private cloud environments. The Authorized Users from each client can drill down into multiple aspects of their Abacus private cloud to view individual user accounts, access detailed utilization and performance data for individual applications, or request changes to the environment. Clients can monitor activities across all accounts and modify application utilization through a simple user interface.

Key features of Abacus Client Portal include:

  • The ability to track support requests, user accounts, virtual servers and storage counts
  • Access to Abacus documents, including annual audit reports, security policies/guidelines, most current rates and tax forms
  • Manage employee contact information
  • Track hardware and software inventory
  • Easy-to-generate reports showing resource usage and more
  • Fast change request and approval for authorized client-side users
  • Customized monitoring and alerting for data transfers via FileDriver

"Investment firms are increasingly moving their critical data and applications to the private cloud, but many still feel they lose a certain degree of visibility into the vital user data they need to maximize their IT operations," said Christopher Steele, Director of Software Services, Abacus Group. "We developed Abacus Client Portal to help our clients meet this challenge and give them unmatched transparency, control and customization to ensure they achieve the greatest performance from their Abacus private cloud."