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S&P Capital IQ & Kuberre Systems launch event driven alert tool

First Published 6th October 2014

Event Fusion tool for traders, market makers and portfolio managers offers real-time alerts for news and information affecting investment holdings.

Boston and New York - S&P Capital IQ and Kuberre Systems have announced the launch of a new tool for traders, market makers and portfolio managers. The new product, Event Fusion, offers real-time alerts about relevant news and information affecting investment holdings. It draws from disparate data sources, culling out relevant news and providing actionable real-time notifications over a range of preferred devices.

Event Fusion offers a process for incorporating market data or news feed subscriptions and bundling them with social media or other unstructured data sources. In addition, with technology developed by Kuberre, the service sends low-latency, Event-Driven Alerts reflecting changes on S&P Capital IQ's indicators delivered in a machine-readable format.

"We're very excited about the benefits this new offering and our partnership with Kuberre provides to our customers," said Ilyaas Meeran, Director of Product and Content at S&P Capital IQ. "Event Fusion enables us to offer our Event Driven Alerts ratings information alongside our powerful reference data capabilities --including business entity and instrument cross reference services -- allowing customers to immediately assess exposure and mitigate potential risks across asset classes while eliminating data integration, maintenance and user interface development challenges. As a result, users can simultaneously monitor relevant events from traditional but critical data sources, while also automating and integrating public sentiment information and trends voiced through new social media channels."

"It's quite clear that the importance of data in capital markets continues to grow, both through data feeds as well as the compelling content that exists in social media," said Kumar Metlapalli, founder and CEO of Kuberre Systems. "Our development focus with Event Fusion was to make it simple enough so the end user doesn't get lost in mining the data and doesn't lose out on an event that may be of interest to them. This partnership enables us to combine the power of S&P Capital IQ's Event-Driven Alerts feed with other sources of data and provide immediate benefits to users worldwide. The latest technological components, foundational in the platform, allow our clients to be the first to know of an event that impacts their portfolios. That's how Event Fusion helps them gain a competitive edge."