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Netagio launches API

First Published 8th October 2014

First British Bitcoin, gold & Sterling exchange announces Application Programming Interface.

London - Netagio, the first British Bitcoin, gold & Sterling exchange, has announced the launch of its Application Programming Interface. Institutional investors can now programme their Execution Management Systems and Order Management Systems and automate their trading on the exchange. The API aims to provide brokers/dealers with easier and faster electronic market connectivity, allowing both retail customers and institutional investors to trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Netagio API enables investors to trade Bitcoins for GBP or gold, view open orders, cancel orders and view Netagio's order book on a continuous and fully automated basis. It facilitates real time depth of book price quotations and market data, automated trade executions and order and trade confirmations.

Simon Hamblin, CEO of Netagio, said: "Since launching the exchange in July this year, we have had active discussions with many institutional and professional investors. In this world of highly automated trading and in line with trends across other electronically tradable asset classes, it became immediately clear that by offering ease of integration via an API, this group of investors would be able to create their own trading strategies and benefit from fully programmable automated access to the Netagio exchange, using standards they recognize and that are compatible with their front end systems."

He continued, "By introducing our API and now offering the chance to create and fulfil automated trading opportunities, both experienced traders and institutional investors will be able to trade faster and take advantage of best price opportunities available in Bitcoin. We believe that our maker-take pricing model and now the availability of our API further cement our proposition as the leading venue on which to trade Bitcoin and will further attract liquidity, which offers greater trading opportunities for all our customers."