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Solarflare powers pervasive enterprise data recording, retention and query

First Published 10th November 2014

Capture SolarSystem enables real-time, distributed, precision capture critical to cyber threat management, regulatory compliance and business analytics.

Irvine, Ca. - Solarflare has announced Capture SolarSystem, an open software platform that delivers network capture, high-performance persistent capture to disk along with query and network statistics, providing data capture more broadly across enterprise data centers, clouds, telcos­ and other high-demand networks. The distributed, real-time data recording, retention and query provided by Capture SolarSystem provides a foundation for cyber threat management, government regulatory compliance and business analytics within the enterprise.

Capture SolarSystem is a turnkey software platform that comes pre-configured and performance optimized to run on qualified industry standard servers, transforming Solarflare's Ethernet server adapters into packet capture devices that provide up to four ports of line-rate capture. Capture SolarSystem also has an open API that enables integration with third-party analytic applications, creating a capture and analytics solution that is capable of line rate capture to disk and real-time simultaneous capture and indexed query of captured data. Capture SolarSystem comes complete with management and monitoring via a web-based graphical user interface.

According to ESG research, the market for server-based packet capture, packet processing and monitoring will grow substantially, reaching nearly $1B by 2018. This growth will occur in enterprise data centers and clouds, and will benefit from the continued growth in virtualization and the emergence of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

"We see an escalating need for access to capture, processing and analysis of network data to address network performance, security, uptime, and demanding SLA requirements", said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at ESG. "This need will drive substantial market growth over the next five years. Solarflare will be well positioned for this market transformation with its high performance intelligent network I/O platform and value-added software."

"Capture SolarSystem represents a unique way to distribute the capture of network data throughout the enterprise," said Solarflare CEO Russell Stern. "By dramatically increasing the number of capture nodes within the network, our customers can now more economically and pervasively manage cyber threats, comply with regulatory requirements and employ extensive business analytics. Plus, our open software platform enables the use of the most popular third-party security, monitoring and network analytics applications."

Capture SolarSystem is the latest capture application developed by Solarflare, joining SolarCapture SDK, SolarCapture Live and SolarCapture Pro. They are part of Solarflare's line of AppFlexTM software products, which include application acceleration, network monitoring and network security solutions. All applications operate in conjunction with Solarflare's industry leading, high-performance, low-latency server I/O adapters.