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Corvil connects to kdb+

First Published 13th November 2014

Corvil's streaming analytics platform now available with a full connection to Kx Systems' kdb+ database.

Janet Lustgarten, CEO, Kx Systems

Janet Lustgarten, CEO, Kx Systems

"Financial markets are always seeking more and more powerful insights drawing on the huge amount of data they have access to."

Dublin - Corvil, a provider of real-time operational intelligence from wire data, has announced that its streaming analytics platform is now available with a full connection to kdb+, a database available from Palo Alto, California-based Kx Systems.

This enhancement allows Corvil's real-time insights from wire data to be stored in kdb+'s database. Deploying kdb+'s search and analytics capabilities, Corvil can now provide further insight into network and application performance over longer historical time periods. Corvil's monitoring and analytics capabilities and kdb+'s storage and access combine to create a searchable resource of historical wire data for the financial markets.

"Financial markets are always seeking more and more powerful insights drawing on the huge amount of data they have access to," said Janet Lustgarten, CEO, Kx Systems. "By using kdb+ in its platform, Corvil customers can now take advantage of the speed and power of kdb+ for capturing streaming, real-time and historical data."

The connection makes it possible to offload the data collection function from servers in the critical path. Typically, log files containing details of each trade or server installed agents would provide kdb+ with the raw data. By using Corvil, server-based collection can be turned off, thus removing a processing overhead and management burden. Instead, data is collected directly from the wire, recorded with high fidelity hardware timestamps and fully analyzed in real-time. Corvil also takes care of different wire protocols and data structures, forwarding a normalized and enriched stream of metrics into kdb+ for storage and further analysis.

"We're seeing a very interesting pattern of historical data from the wire becoming a strategic resource for some of the world's biggest and most integral businesses," said Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil. "kdb+ has been the financial world's foremost database software, and alongside Corvil as the most complete, trusted source of wire data analytics, this connection will allow users to examine years worth of detailed wire data to garner incredible business insights."

"Kx has one of the fastest databases on the block, making it suitable for real-time analytics as well as the analysis of historic data," said Jason Stamper, Analyst, 451 Research. "Corvil's new streaming analytics connector for kdb+ should be well received among the two companies' household name customer base in the Financial Markets vertical."