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Abacus launches Abacus Cloud Panel

First Published 24th November 2014

New Abacus cloud panel advances email management in the cloud.

New York - Abacus Group, the provider of hosted IT solutions for hedge funds and private equity funds, has announced the launch of its Abacus Cloud Panel. The web-based portal aims to enhance the visibility and management of AbacusFLEX Mail for chief executive officers and chief technology officers.

Abacus Cloud Panel is a hosted exchange control panel that allows business owners the freedom to provision resources directly from the web. It gives business owners the flexibility to create their own mailboxes, distribution groups and public folders as well as to manage individual permissions, change email addresses and assign a corporate disclaimer for the organization all from their enterprise cloud.

"As the cloud setup becomes the de facto way of running an enterprise level email setup for financial organizations, increased visibility into the organizations individual setup becomes increasingly important," said Paul Ponzeka, Director of Engineering. "As more mature funds and customers adopt the AbacusFLEX platform, they needed the sort of control and web-based visibility that the Abacus Cloud Panel delivers. We are pleased to be able to provide the tools for Abacus customers to seamlessly manage the AbacusFLEX platform as we continue to see increased interest in our offerings."

Key features offered by the Abacus Cloud Panel include:

  • Advanced Control: Authorized users can provision resources themselves, directly from the web and can move from one aspect of their enterprise to the cloud while maintaining the same level of control expected with an on premise deployment.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Authorized Users can retrieve on-demand reports of their company's email footprint and usage and run compliance reports of end-users' permissions within the AbacusFLEX Mail setup.
  • Improved Flexibility: Abacus Cloud Panel provides flexible deployment options for the AbacusFLEX Mail system.
  • Increased Security: Authorized Users can leverage the Abacus Cloud Panel's ability to synchronize with a customer's on-site Active Directory, for both user and password synchronization, from a client managed Active Directory to the AbacusFLEX Mail system.