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ACM Gold deploys Tradable platform in Africa

First Published 26th November 2014

African broker, ACM Gold, announces exclusive partnership with Tradable.

Irfan Pardesi, CEO, ACM

Irfan Pardesi, CEO, ACM

"We are excited to be marketing Tradable exclusively in Africa and to have the opportunity to expand this offering to the Middle East."

ACM Gold, Africa's biggest broker is partnering with Tradable to become the first African broker to roll out the trading platform.

Tradable enables traders to create a customised online trading platform using third party Apps developed specifically for Tradable. Traders can select from over 150 Apps most relevant to their trading level and style - with Apps covering areas such as news, social trading, technical analysis and risk management tools.

Irfan Pardesi, CEO at ACM Gold comments, "ACM Gold has a belief system that resonates with the CFH Group. We have always been an unorthodox broker in the Forex industry, renowned for doing business 'our way.' We believe in partnering with leading organisations in areas such as trading technology and platform interfaces which fall outside our core competency of localised expertise and relationship building - however, we have always been very careful who we partner with.

"We are excited to be marketing Tradable exclusively in Africa and to have the opportunity to expand this offering to the Middle East. We understand these regions really well, both culturally and linguistically - we speak almost all the languages in-house. We are very much looking forward to using our extensive network to promote Tradable, a product which we strongly believe in."

Jannick Malling, CEO, Tradable adds, "We are thrilled to partner with ACM Gold who have established themselves firmly as the leading broker in Africa. ACM fully shares Tradable's vision and understands the opportunities, both now and in the future, created by our open trading platform. We are delighted to be working with them on delivering a next-generation trading experience to traders in the African region."

Christian Frahm, Chairman of CFH Group and Co-Founder of Tradable concludes, "ACM Gold has built a phenomenal reputation for understanding and servicing their clients across multiple countries and multiple regions. We look forward to a close partnership with them, helping them to continue to innovate and maintain their position as market leader."

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