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Platts launches Market Data Direct

First Published 28th January 2015

Platts launches new real-time global commodity prices and data service.

London - Platts, the energy and commodity information provider and source of benchmark price references, has launched a new data-delivery service that makes Platts price assessments, historical and other reference data more readily available.

"With commodity markets in a period of rapid change - news of geopolitical uncertainties, swings in outlook and trade flow shifts - the need for timely cross-commodity pricing data has never been more important," said Marina Goche, director of Platts product development & management. "Now with Market Data Direct, and its instant delivery of Platts data, traders and asset managers can gain deep market insight quickly and more confidently adjust trading and portfolio allocations to changing market conditions."

Platts Market Data Direct delivers directly to a customer's desktop (via an API* or Excel Plug-in) a customizable selection of Platts daily price assessments , historical price data, and other reference information for: oil, petrochemicals, electric power, natural gas, coal, biofuels, metals, sugar and other agricultural commodities. Data is available by individual commodity price assessment as soon as it is published, eliminating the time lag associated with packaged collections traditionally offered hours later.

Key features of Platts Market Data Direct:

  • Options to filter out unwanted market data, thereby isolating data more pertinent to the user
  • Historical data packages available immediately, rather than hours and days later
  • Customizable watch-lists and alerts; view of the latest price movements; and, ability to automate processes typically done manually, all of which can aid time and process efficiency
  • Integration of Platts data into proprietary systems: ability to incorporate price, historical and reference data into proprietary and third-party applications