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CLSA Americas enhances high touch and electronic capabilities with IEX

First Published 11th February 2015

Integration of IEX ATS broadens trading options across all CLSA execution channels.

Brad Katsuyama, IEX

Brad Katsuyama, IEX

"CLSA Americas' early and ongoing support of IEX has been valuable in delivering more choice for the end investor."

New York - CLSA Americas has integrated the IEX Alternative Trading System (ATS) and Smart Order Router (SOR) across its Electronic Execution algorithms. This gives clients the option to use the IEX SOR for accessing displayed liquidity across all lit markets as well as the IEX pool when trading via the electronic, high touch or program trading desks. Since adopting the IEX SOR, CLSAA has been a Top 3 user of their Smart Order Router.

The enhancements enable CLSAA's clients to trade in larger size and with price improvement within IEX, while also improving capture rates in the lit market.

Ruth Finkenstadt, Director and Head of CLSAA's Electronic Trading commented, "The IEX team has an extensive background in developing sophisticated routing technology. CLSAA has chosen to offer clients the choice to use the IEX router because it offers fully transparent, best of breed smart order routing. The combination of market-leading capture rates for displayed liquidity, coupled with high match rates within IEX itself, provides superior execution quality for CLSAA's execution clients."

Rick Gould, CEO of CLSAA added, "As a full service agency broker, we seek to provide clients with a choice of tailored execution options. IEX fits well within our model of transparency and unconflicted routing, and we are very pleased to announce the integration of IEX into our growing trading platform."

Brad Katsuyama, IEX CEO and co-founder said, "CLSA Americas' early and ongoing support of IEX has been valuable in delivering more choice for the end investor. Their integration across their entire execution suite has proven to benefit both CLSAA trading desks and their clients."