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TMX Datalinx launches MX historical trading data products

First Published 17th February 2015

TMX Datalinx announces four new end of day Montréal Exchange trading data products.

TMX Datalinx, the information services division of TMX Group, has announced the launch of four new end-of-day Montréal Exchange (MX) trading data products, including MX Options Trades and Quotes, MX Futures Trades and Quotes, MX Options Trading Summary and MX Futures Trading Summary files.

The MX Trades and Quotes products provide intra-day options and futures trade data, as well as best bid and offer data timestamped in milliseconds. The MX Trading Summary products include end-of-day trading and instrument reference data for all instruments on the Exchange.

"Our historical trading data products are designed to meet the information needs of a broad range of domestic and global clients," said Eric Sinclair, president, TMX Datalinx & group head of information services, TMX Group. "We are very happy that these products will significantly reduce the time required to provide our clients with the comprehensive historical data they need for back testing, risk management and analysis of trading and investment opportunities."