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Volante Technologies releases Volante Designer Version 5.1

First Published 23rd March 2015

Includes support for Mule, Spring Integration framework, enhanced user interface, test management and API functionality and delivers additional plug-ins for message standards.

New York and London - Volante Technologies, the provider of of financial messages and data integration, validation and processing software, has announced the release of Volante Designer Version 5.1. The new version is designed to accelerate adoption of changing financial message standards, extend reach into new areas of business opportunity, speed up the on-boarding process, and enable compliance.

Volante Designer 5.1 includes support for BACS, Faster Payments (FPS), German, Canadian and Australian payments formats, and updates to messages in ISO 20022 and its derivatives and SWIFT Trade Finance MT798 templates in addition to support for SWIFT standards 2015.

User interface improvements include visual mapping functions and enhanced Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) functionality such as the transformation and caching of bulk data sets. This can ease the process of performing specialized tasks on large, fast-moving data sets such as Sort, Join, Filter and De-duplicate.

Version 5.1 now also supports Open Source platforms such as Mule and Spring. The Volante Mule Adapter allows users to invoke Volante flows from Mule and integrate with Mule Studio, which enables users to drag and drop from the Volante palette and configure the flow providing transparency into flow performance. Similarly, the Volante Spring Adapter enables users to invoke Volante flows from the Spring Integration framework offering control for those wishing to integrate Volante with Open Source technologies.

Version 5.1 also introduces a concrete API that enables users to directly interact with the deployed Java objects without recourse to using the Volante Designer user interface and enhances built-in test management functionality.

Venkat Malla, VP, Product Management, Volante Technologies, said, "We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and help shape the direction of our product roadmap. Volante Designer 5.1 provides the functionality our customers need to help them expand their reach within existing areas of business and move into new ones. We are confident that Volante Designer 5.1 will go a long way to satisfying these growing needs as we continue to plan and develop future releases."

Uday Thakur, chief technology officer, Volante Technologies, added, "Financial institutions continue to be challenged by how best to adopt and align changing message and protocol requirements without having to rip out existing systems and start from scratch. Our model-driven approach to the integration and validation of data, means our customers benefit from reduced costs not ordinarily associated with the adoption of new message standards. This means that they can focus their attention on being competitive and responsive to market and client demands."