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RavenPack partners with FactSet to distribute equity sentiment indicators

First Published 24th March 2015

Partnership will enable FactSet clients to incorporate RavenPack sentiment indicators into investment and trading strategies.

Armando Gonzalez, RavenPack

New York and London - RavenPack, the provider of real-time financial news analysis services, has announced a partnership with FactSet Research Systems to distribute RavenPack Equity Indicators to FactSet's clients.

RavenPack Equity Indicators is a dataset that transforms unstructured news & opinion into structured factor data to support trading, investment and risk management decisions. To calculate these indicators, RavenPack sources content from financial newswires, online publishers, news aggregators and social media. The addition of these factors to the FactSet workstation will enable users to capture sentiment and media attention on over 36,000 global companies in their investment and trading strategies.

"While the RavenPack Indicators turn large amounts of unstructured news into manageable time series, FactSet delivers this data in context with traditional market and fundamental data in a platform where all that data can be easily manipulated and tested," said Armando Gonzalez, RavenPack's chief executive. "That's an incredibly powerful proposition for any investor or trader looking to use news data in their strategies."

"We are pleased to offer RavenPack's unique content set to our clients, who can now seamlessly incorporate it into their quantitative models, screens, and other workflows," said Rick Barrett, SVP, Senior Director - FactSet Analytics. "Integrating the RavenPack Indicators gives our clients unique insight from news sentiment and news volume data which they can leverage to generate alpha, mitigate risk, and facilitate trading strategies."

RavenPack Indicators are based on RavenPack's award-winning research and its ability to quantify perceptions on facts and opinions reported in the media. It includes daily sentiment scores, news volume counts, and metrics that capture abnormality in the media across equity markets. In addition to the daily service, there is more than 15-years of historical data for modeling and backtesting.