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OptionMetrics adds VIX and VSTOXX to Global Indices Database

First Published 14th May 2015

VIX and VSTOXX indices added to OptionMetrics' IvyDB Global Indices database.

New York - OptionMetrics, a provider of historical option price data, tools and analytics, has announced that VIX and VSTOXX indices, already included in its IvyDB US and IvyDB Europe products, have now also been added to its IvyDB Global Indices database.

Financial professionals, academics and other users of IvyDB GI (Global Indices) will now also be able to access VIX and VSTOXX information in OptionMetrics' database of historical price, implied volatility, and sensitivity information for index options markets. The addition of these two volatility indices in OptionMetrics' IvyDB Global Indices database gives finance professionals more options when it comes to choosing data to assess the markets.

"The VIX has become extremely popular in recent years with professionals consistently watching it, quoting it and viewing it as a major index. Anyone looking at international markets should be looking at the VSTOXX and the VIX," said David Hait, president of OptionMetrics. "The addition of this information to our IvyDB Global Indices database significantly enhances our offerings. Hedge fund managers, investment bankers, and academics who look at index options now also get access to these important volatility indices."