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Neo's Trading-Atrium readies DMA to Thailand from Singapore

First Published 23rd June 2015

Neo & Partners to support direct market access, including exchange co-location, to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) from Singapore.

Eric Neo Say Wei, Neo & Partners Global

Singapore based Neo & Partners, provider of smart electronic trading solutions and creator of the Trading-Atrium platform, is preparing for full support of low latency direct market access (DMA), including exchange co-location, to The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) from Singapore.

Hedge funds, family offices, proprietary trading firms, commodity trading advisors and overseas companies can use the Trading-Atrium to set up or enhance low latency DMA trading capabilities into Thailand from Singapore. It offers customizable algorithmic multi-asset trading applications compatible with the client's in-house software solutions. It can also develop integrated risk management systems according to the client's trading requirements.

Mr. Eric Neo Say Wei, CEO and founder of Neo & Partners Global, said, "As part of The Trading-Atrium's complete Business Eco-system, we have carefully selected to partner with Country Group Securities (CGS), a subsidiary of Country Group Holdings and exchange clearing member of both SET and TFEX.

Ms. Sudthida Chirapatsakul, CEO at Country Group Securities, said, "We welcome Neo & Partners Global for introducing an Innovative Trading approach and illustrating that our markets are becoming increasingly attractive for international trading firms as well. As one of the leading Thailand securities firm, we are continuously looking to Innovate and offer new services to attract the attention of traders."