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Software AG adds predictive analytics to platform

First Published 24th June 2015

Software AG's new level of big data analytics enables prediction of opportunities, risks and resource requirements.

Wolfram Jost, Software AG

Wolfram Jost, Software AG

"The ability to predict what is likely to happen next is essential to satisfying customers, improving operations, and beating the competition."

Darmstadt, Germany - Software AG's Digital Business Platform and its newly-added predictive analytics capability can support applications such as predictive maintenance, smart-metering and manufacturing. It can also underpin supply chain optimisation, fraud-detection and a number of Internet of Things and 'connected customer' marketing use cases.

Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer, Software AG, said: "The ability to predict what is likely to happen next is essential to satisfying customers, improving operations, and beating the competition. Predictive analytics uses patterns found in historical and real-time data to indicate what is ahead. The addition of predictive analytics enhances the capabilities of our Digital Business Platform and enables enterprises to identify and act on future risks and opportunities in terms of revenue, resources, output and more."

The new one-stop-shop embeds Zementis ADAPA (Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics) into the Apama Streaming Analytics platform. Zementis ADAPA is a standards-based deployment platform and scoring engine for predictive analytics, and uses algorithms that discover patterns in Big Data that might predict similar outcomes in the future.

Michael Zeller, chief executive officer, Zementis, added: "The demand for predictive analytics is exploding. The reality is that businesses employing predictive analytics will be in a better position to support their customers than those without predictive analytics. It's a tremendous competitive edge."

Jost added: "Software AG has made a strong commitment to help enterprises drive real business value and critical insights across the full spectrum of analytics to give our customers a competitive edge. Our goal is always to put our customers' needs first, and we believe that the Digital Business Platform achieves this. Moreover, we have recently partnered with Mosaic Data Science, who provide advanced analytics and data science support for our customers."

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