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Risk modelling quants get top pay in MBO

First Published 8th July 2015

Salary benchmarking site reports on which middle & back office jobs pay the most.

Based on 249 Associates (bonuses and salary) with 4 to 8 years of experience working in London Investment banks middle & back office

Best paying middle & back office jobs

Go for risk: Risk professionals are by far those who get the highest pay package, with risk modellers earning as much as 20% more than the second best paid (Data management).

It pays to be specialised: Specialised professionals earn more than generalist employees across the board: credit or market risk specialists earn 18% more than risk generalists. Similarly, middle and back office generalists earn less than data management or trade support professionals.

Is the middle and back office star rising? From 2012 to 2015, average salaries and bonuses for mid & back office professionals ticked up 14%.

Evolution of mid & back office earnings for London Associates

Alice Leguay from said : 'A dearth of middle & back office staff, more specifically Risk professionals, is making recruiting skilled and experienced staff a challenge. The 16% uptick in pay over the last few years for associates is a ripple effect from the more substantial increase seen at senior levels (+31% increase in MD pay 2014-2015), inching closer to front office compensation which has been under pressure since 2008'. crowdsources salary and bonus data directly from individual professionals who contribute anonymously. In return, contributors receive free access to aggregated market results broken down by title, location and sector. Emolument's mission is to provide greater transparency about what professionals really earn to help them make more informed career decisions.