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EBS launches BrokerTec European Government Bonds data

First Published 14th August 2015

EBS BrokerTec launches the BrokerTec European Government Bonds premium pricing data product.

London and New York - Distributed by ICAP Information Services, the information division of ICAP, the product comprises European Government Bond (EGB) market data from BrokerTec Market, EBS BrokerTec's electronic central limit order book for the fixed income markets, and is available in real-time, end-of-day and historical formats.

Using prices streamed directly from the BrokerTec Market platform, customers can access the data throughout the European trading day on Bloomberg, or in an end-of-day or historical data format, downloaded via a secure FTP site.

John Edwards, Managing Director of BrokerTec, Europe, said: "The launch of BrokerTec European Government Bonds data is an important expansion in our fixed income data offering and provides customers with valuable insight to gain a comprehensive view of the market. The EGB market has experienced significant volatility this year, which has resulted in some contraction of secondary market activity. With this in mind, BrokerTec European Government Bonds data gives customers access to important market intelligence that will allow them to forecast volatility and hedge against risk where possible."

Kevin Taylor, Managing Director of ICAP Information Services, said: "The launch of our BrokerTec European Government Bonds product is a significant addition to our growing suite of market data from the electronic platforms. The release of the EGB data directly complements our widely successful BrokerTec US Treasury (UST) product and broadens coverage of the global fixed income market. This product features real-time, electronic platform prices creating the transparency that is essential for market participants."