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IET: How technology has transformed our lives during the Queen's reign

First Published 9th September 2015

Comment from William Webb, president of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

William Webb, IET

"Back in 1952 when Her Majesty took to the throne and many families didn't even have a home telephone, let alone a computer, a world with the internet and smartphones and tablets would have seemed inconceivable. And yet today we simply cannot do without them - in much the same way as we can't do without the washing machines, fridges and dishwashers that have taken their place in everyday life during Her Majesty's reign.

"The future promises to be just as exciting as we look forward to the Internet of Things. We are likely to live in a world where our fridges automatically order food from the supermarket, driverless cars take us to our places of work, 3D-printed food becomes commonplace in our homes and wearable technology automatically medicates our healthcare drugs. Engineering and technology will continue to transform all our lives."