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SR Labs migrates SuperFeed to Equinix

First Published 17th September 2015

SR Labs completes major migration of SuperFeed to Equinix's LD5 and NY2 data centres.

Stewart Orrell, Equinix

Stewart Orrell, Equinix

"Co-location alongside partners such as SuperFeed allows our customers to benefit from enhanced applications and services."

SR Labs, the provider of capital markets technology solutions, has successfully completed the migration of its consolidated market data feed product SuperFeed, to new data centre environments in Europe and the US.

The former environments located in the ex-NYSE Technologies facilities in Mahwah, Weehawken and Basildon, have been fully decommissioned, with SuperFeed's primary sites now hosted in Equinix LD5, Slough, and Equinix NY2, Secaucus.

Equinix LD5 and NY2 host many of SuperFeed's existing and prospective London and New York based clients. Since moving into Equinix, SuperFeed is already in use by clients who chose to connect via Atrium, BT Radianz, 7Ticks, Options and SFTI. In addition to these connectivity options, many clients have opted to cross connect directly to the SuperFeed ticker plants seeking the lowest latency path.

As part of the migration, new networking and infrastructure has been deployed, in combination with the latest versions of the Wombat technology owned by SR Labs.

Ian McIntyre, COO Europe for SR Labs said "SuperFeed is essentially a hosted Wombat tickerplant, installed in a similar way to the many clients who continue to use Wombat technology in the market. Just like those clients, we have suffered from challenges around the size of footprint we need, scalability and TCO. For the new environments we have rolled out the latest reference architecture for Wombat software, using Data Fabric 6.5 with TCP offload and kernel bypass, to achieve the ultimate in high throughput messaging and deterministic latency. We have also started to integrate the SR Labs SMDS line handing capabilities, to further improve latency and footprint, starting with our US consolidated book offering. In the end we have a faster data feed product, which is using 68% less rack space than before."

Stewart Orrell, Sr. director, MD Global Financial, Enterprise Vertical, Equinix, said "We are delighted to welcome SR Labs and their SuperFeed product to the Equinix facilities in New York and London. The addition of SuperFeed to our LD5 London Slough and NY2 New York data centres is another fantastic example of the electronic trading eco-system Equinix is nurturing within our global facilities. Co-location alongside partners such as SuperFeed allows our customers to benefit from enhanced applications and services in a faster, more secure, lower cost environment."

McIntyre also stated "This was a complex migration project lasting over 6 months, which we completed on time thanks to the dedication and support of our team and our vendors. I would like to thank Equinix, Interactive Data 7Ticks and Options, all of whose focus and urgency made this project a great success".