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Azul Zing to enhance SLI Systems e-commerce offerings

First Published 10th December 2015

SLI Systems deploys Azul Zing to eradicate garbage collection pauses and increase search speed and systems capacity.

Scott Sellers, Azul Systems

Scott Sellers, Azul Systems

"Success in e-commerce is predicated on a consistently fast and responsive online platform."

Sunnyvale and London - Azul Systems, the provider of Java runtime solutions, has announced that Zing, Azul's Java Virtual Machine designed for systems that require consistent low latency and high throughput, is being deployed by SLI Systems, an e-commerce provider for internet retailers and B2B sites, to improve its query and response times, increase its systems capacity, and reduce developer time spent tuning and working around limitations of alternative JVMs. Since Zing has been integrated into SLI Systems' infrastructure, searches are twice as fast and total systems capacity has increased by 130%.

SLI serves as many as 1 billion search queries each month over five continents and is the leading SaaS search provider to Internet Retailer Top 1,000 companies. It enables e-commerce sites to increase revenue by connecting their online and mobile shoppers with the products they're most likely to buy. In essence, its technology provides the most relevant search results, navigation and product recommendations for site visitors.

Azul Zing is a unique JVM that enables e-commerce platforms to achieve significant improvements in scalability and throughput with consistent response times, especially important during unpredictable periods such as seasonal holidays. For e-commerce sites, Zing reduces shopping cart abandonment rates, makes product recommendation and pricing engines more effective and ultimately allows the customer to make more timely decisions.

Ashley Taylor, Software Architect at SLI Systems, said: "Zing provides e-commerce shoppers with a better on-line experience by reducing query and response times, and eliminating the detrimental effects of Java Garbage Collection. We have achieved these benefits while also increasing our total systems capacity by 130%, using much larger memory heaps without problematic GC pauses and without the need to constantly tune the JVM like we had to do before deploying Zing."

Scott Sellers, President and CEO of Azul Systems, said: "Success in e-commerce is predicated on a consistently fast and responsive online platform. Shoppers demand richer content and rapid search and product recommendation capabilities, and Zing is proving itself to be the best JVM for e-commerce providers to meet these needs."