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Solace and DataTorrent provide real-time analytics solution

First Published 14th December 2015

Solace and DataTorrent partner to enable real-time ingestion and analysis of streaming big data.

Denis King, Solace Systems

Denis King, Solace Systems

"DataTorrent's innovative technology gives companies the power to analyze information when it's most valuable, immediately as it's being collected."

Ottawa, Ontario and Santa Clara, California - Solace Systems, a provider of data movement technology, has announced a strategic alliance with DataTorrent, a provider of real-time big data analytics and creator of DataTorrent RTS, an open-source unified platform for both stream and batch processing on Hadoop.

With the introduction of Hadoop 2.0, an increasing number of companies are looking to move from batch-based to real-time analytics, and investing in new technologies that support the collection, filtration and analysis of real-time information.

Solace's messaging hardware and software enables streaming of large volumes of information from diverse sources into DataTorrent RTS. Solace and DataTorrent both offer elastic capacity to keep up with rising data volumes, and DataTorrent is one of the few applications that can scale to capture as much data as Solace can deliver. Solace can act as a "shock absorber" to eliminate the potentially harmful impact of sudden and unexpected bursts of information, effectively guaranteeing that data is never lost and is always delivered in the same sequence it was sent.

"Competitive pressures in the evolving big data market are driving demand for real-time streaming and data ingestion tools that can seamlessly integrate valuable insights into business operations," said Charu Madan, director of business development, DataTorrent. "The ability to make data-driven business decisions is adding to a company's competitive edge and changing how organizations approach their data strategies."

Solace and DataTorrent have already helped joint customers deploy and integrate their technologies, and as part of this strategic partnership have initiated cooperative engineering efforts to deliver a seamless joint solution.

"DataTorrent's innovative technology gives companies the power to analyze information when it's most valuable, immediately as it's being collected," said Denis King, senior VP, global field operations and strategic alliances, Solace Systems. "Our technology supplies that information at big data scale by aggregating it from a multitude of sources, filtering it and delivering it with high availability, fault tolerance and built-in disaster recovery."