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Xignite FX data now available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace

First Published 8th March 2016

Oracle Enterprise resource planning cloud users can use Xignite FX data to adjust for currency differences at a local level.

Xignite, provider of market data cloud solutions and Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), has announced that its XigniteGlobalCurrencies API is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The XigniteGlobalCurrencies API provides real-time and historical foreign exchange quotes for more than 170 countries and over 29,000 currency pairs. The API can be used with Oracle ERP Cloud to automatically update forex rates to allow financial reporting that reflects exchange rates.

By connecting the XigniteGlobalCurrencies API, which automatically updates currency rates, Oracle ERP Cloud users can enable financial reporting by adjusting for currency differences at a local level. Previously users might have spent hours manually calculating daily exchange rates and creating Excel formulas. Xignite's forex data APIs are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed with a few lines of code and integrated into web, mobile or corporate apps via customized XML, JSON or CSV formats.

"Xignite currency data is trusted day in and day out by leading companies to power currency converters, mobile apps and enterprise systems," said Stephane Dubois, Xignite CEO and Founder. "Xignite's participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our commitment to the Oracle community and enables customers to easily load foreign exchange data into their accounting solutions. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to help us achieve our business goals."

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers an intuitive user interface to browse and search for available applications and services, as well as user ratings and reviews to help customers determine the best business solutions for their organization. With its new automated application installation features, customers can easily deploy provider business applications from a centralized cloud interface.