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NovaSparks' NovaTick now supports CBOE

First Published 13th April 2016

NovaSparks platform processes the bursty feed from the The Chicago Board of Options Exchange in under one microsecond.

New York, London, Paris - NovaSparks, the field programmable gate array (FPGA) market data company, has expanded its coverage to include The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), along with its wholly-owned subsidiary, the C2 Options Exchange. Like any other U.S. cash equity options feed, the CBOE carries approximately 100 times more instruments than a U.S. equity feed, making it one of the burstiest feeds in the world.

Luc Burgun, CEO of NovaSparks, commented: "The Chicago Board of Options Exchange is renowned for its heavy market bursts and we are pleased that now our customers can access their data in a fraction of the time. We are also delighted that we were able to solve the memory challenges inherent in designing FPGA ticker plants. With the addition of the CBOE, we are giving our customers increased trading abilities across geographies and asset classes. We are fully committed to continuing to expand our coverage in the cash equity options space."

NovaTick's average latency for the processing of a CBOE packet is 950 nanoseconds (ns), measured wire-to-wire. In the 99th percentile, the latency stays below 1300 ns, illustrating the determinism that only FPGAs can provide. With four internal FPGAs processing 128,000 instruments each, NovaTick has a memory capacity of 512,000 instruments per appliance. Automatic snapshot resynchronization is also available in case of packet drop or midday start. NovaTick has a normalized output format across markets, enabling NovaSparks customers to easily integrate new feeds.