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SR Labs launches SuperFeed Compressed Data Feed

First Published 10th May 2016

Data compression delivers market data access flexibility.

New York and London - S R Labs, a provider of trading and market data technology, has announced the launch of the SuperFeed Compressed Data Feed.

Designed to support direct feed based, electronic trading applications, the solution allows consumption of low latency data through lower bandwidth connectivity including cloud and internet solutions. The new compression technology also enables market participants, outside of the main data center hubs, to access SuperFeed's data quality through a bandwidth profile.

SR Labs have deployed Solace Message Router Appliances to deliver a compression solution, which publishes data in the OpenMAMA format.

Ian McIntyre, COO Europe of SR Labs, stated "SuperFeed was designed initially to target the low latency requirements of electronic trading, and we have seen much of our success driven by customers in this area, through expansion into emerging markets or by using SuperFeed to offset costs in place of a direct feed handler solution." Ian added, "The compressed feed enables customers using lower bandwidth connectivity, to use SuperFeed as an alternative consolidated feed, without compromising on reliability and data quality."

Denis King, SVP of Global Field Operations and Strategic Alliances at Solace Systems, said "Capital markets participants are demanding more flexibility and freedom in how they consume market data and distribute it across their businesses." He continued, "We look forward to working with SR Labs to help their customers achieve fast, efficient market data distribution over any kind of connectivity solution."