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Metamako slashes switch latency, offers more ports

First Published 10th May 2016

New York, London and Sydney - Metamako, provider of devices for the trading, exchanges and telco communities, has announced the launch of a new device, MetaMux 48. The 48-port device lowers latency by 20% and has a greater number of ports. Said to be more than twice as fast as the best-performing conventional switches, with a latency for aggregation of just 82 nanoseconds.

This is the first device from Metamako to leverage Altera's FPGA technology. As with Metamako's other FPGA-based devices, firms that wish to develop their own logic in an FPGA can simplify FPGA development, compared to the traditional approach. Using a complete stand-alone applications platform can reduce the components, complexity and overall cost of FPGA development projects.

Dr. Dave Snowdon, founder and CTO of Metamako, says: "This device offers impressively low latency between, for example, a trading application and an exchange. Its port count and flexibility make it the perfect choice for connecting to algo-trading servers, trading services and long-range links. I'm really pleased to add yet another groundbreaking device to our existing range. Our ongoing innovation and investment in R&D mean that we continue to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. This is of enormous benefit to our clients who can smoothly migrate to ever more sophisticated and flexible devices, built on the same tried-and-tested core technology which has been allowing traders to lower their latency since 2013." He adds: "We continue to eliminate the barriers between firms and the technology they need to compete."