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IPC expands compliance solutions

First Published 24th May 2016

New York - IPC Systems, a provider of communications solutions and software, has unveiled an expanded portfolio of compliance solutions under its Risk and Compliance Services division.

"IPC's deep expertise and global presence uniquely position us to guide our customers through the dynamic regulatory landscape which has never been more important, particularly in the wake of proposed and expected MiFID II, Dodd Frank and Market Abuse Regulation requirements," said Neil Barua, CEO of IPC. "Our specialised, innovative solutions not only allow customers to mitigate compliance risks, but also enhance their trading operations."

The main challenge financial market firms face in relation to complying with increased regulations is effectively managing vast amounts of data related to interactions among clients, counterparties and internal teams across many platforms. Firms are required to store, analyse and index all aspects of a transaction for immediate retrieval and analysis in response to regulators' inquiries. They need to be able to show that they are able to actively monitor their systems in real-time to make certain that interactions comply with applicable laws.

"With compliance conduct and culture at the heart of corporate board strategies, risk and governance are now regarded by our clients as business priorities. IPC integrates compliance, risk and governance, managing vital data at every stage of the process," said Lionel Grosclaude, IPC senior vice president, Risk and Compliance and Managing Director, EMEA. "Whether a simple system or the most complex end-to-end validated and compliance assured solution, IPC ensures data is captured, records are properly managed and accurately delivered to risk and compliance officers when needed."

IPC's expanded compliance product portfolio features include:

  • Call recording; Mobile and Unified Communications Recording
  • Communications Surveillance
  • Compliance Assurance Services

Grosclaude added: "Our team constantly monitors new and proposed rules so we can understand the intention of the changes and enhance current and future products and solutions to meet these evolving needs. We achieve this by working with industry vendors, global regulators and industry experts to ensure that we can deliver what our clients expect: unified compliant communications record management, proactive compliance assurance, agility and flexibility for future needs as well as piece of mind when they want to run their day-to-day business."