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Algo-Logic Systems launches FPGA accelerated CME T2T System

First Published 22nd June 2016

Algo-Logic Systems releases latest Field Programmable Gate Array accelerated CME Tick-To-Trade System.

Santa Clara, California - Algo-Logic Systems' sub-microsecond trading solution is suitable for latency-sensitive trading firms that need deterministic response times to market opportunities. The CME T2T System is built using internally developed, pre-built FPGA IP cores that can reduce time-to-market and provide flexibility for customizations.

The sub-microsecond wire-to-wire latency is achieved by performing all trade operations in FPGA logic. Operations offloaded to the FPGA include (i) processing CME MDP 3.0 tick data on a 10 Gigabit/second (10G) Ethernet link by the integrated Feed Handler, (ii) building the CME Futures & Options (F&O) Order Book from incremental tick data, (iii) detecting trading opportunities, and (iv) placing trades in the form of FIX messages over the 10G TCP Endpoint. The CME T2T System deploys into an Altera Stratix V FPGA card that fits into most servers.

The CME T2T System is managed through software interfaces. A low latency messaging protocol allows traders and market makers to specify trigger conditions. Control software configures device parameters, monitors status, generates logs, and sends event notifications. The messaging protocol and control software can be integrated with client's existing Order Management System (OMS). A Graphical User Interface (GUI) and RESTful APIs in form of HTTP GET/POST requests-responses are also provided for control and monitoring of the FPGA accelerator.