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Intercontinental Exchange launches expanded ICE Data Services

First Published 27th June 2016

ICE Data Services Combines combines proprietary data, analytics and connectivity from Interactive Data, Superderivatives And ICE's Global Exchange Data.

Atlanta and New York - Intercontinental Exchange has introduced the expanded ICE Data Services, bringing together proprietary exchange data, valuations, analytics, desktop tools and connectivity solutions from across ICE and the New York Stock Exchange, Interactive Data and SuperDerivatives.

ICE Data Services offers a range of proprietary data, valuations, analytics and tools for global markets across asset classes, including:

  • Proprietary data from ICE and NYSE's 11 global exchanges
  • Continuous and end-of-day evaluated pricing for 2.7 million securities, including hard-to-value and thinly-traded securities, complex derivatives, and reference data on over 10 million instruments
  • Desktop and trading tools designed to match the workflow requirements of a broad range of customers
  • Connectivity solutions that include the low-latency, resilient Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI) network

"By combining our broad range of proprietary data services and analytics, we are able to offer clients a more complete, consolidated view of the markets," said ICE Chairman & CEO Jeffrey C. Sprecher.