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Velocimetrics launches mdPlay testing service

First Published 11th July 2016

Velocimetrics' mdPlay enables testing of new and enhanced trading systems and algorithms.

Velocimetrics, the provider of business flow tracking and performance analysis solutions, has announced the availability of mdPlay, a service that enables subscribers to re-experience the market data sent or received during any given trading period.

mdPlay aims to help firms to resolve trading issues and to reduce the possibility of trading systems or algorithms responding in an unintended manner to changing market conditions. mdPlay can help investment firms to minimise the potential for trading losses and support MiFID II's algorithmic testing requirements.

Data from any trading period can be stored and made available for replay in a synchronised manner. Users can also request the curation of customisable test scenarios. Subscribers can then access their market data replay files, on demand, via an expandable library with new trading situations that trading systems and algorithms can be tested against.