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NRI adds new functionality to I-STAR Suite

First Published 20th July 2016

New feature from Nomura Research Institute will enable increased engagement in post-trade activities and respond to JPX's derivatives trading system.

Tokyo - Nomura Research Institute, a provider of consulting services and system solutions, has added new functionality to I-STAR, NRI's securities back-office solution for wholesale brokerage firms. The new feature adapts to the Next Generation Derivatives Trading System (Next J-GATE) of Osaka Exchange which is a Japan Exchange Group subsidiary. Next J-GATE went live on 19 July 2016.

The feature will allow users to engage in post-trade activities for newly added products to the Next J-GATE platform, such as TSE Mothers Index Futures, TAIEX Futures, FTSE China 50 Index Futures, and JPX-Nikkei Index 400 Options by doing the following:

  • Managing limitation of positions and deposits
  • Engaging in market syndication, reconciliation and accounting
  • Creating regulatory reports for external institutions that are compliant with market standards and ongoing mandates

Trading rule revisions with the launch of Next J-GATE state that strike prices may be set based on application from trading participants and the number of contract month of TOPIX Options shall be increased to 19 (max. 5 years).

The new function of I-STAR can:

  • Respond to the smaller tick size increments for J-NET derivative trading
  • Set strike prices based on application
  • Respond to increased number of contract months of TOPIX Options