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ITG launches ITG Smart Market Indicator Forecast App

First Published 21st July 2016

ITG Smart Market Indicator Forecast App offers online portal of trading tools/ideas for the institutional trading community.

New York - ITG, the independent broker and financial technology provider, has announced the launch of ITG Smart Market Indicator Forecast App, an application that can help traders anticipate market volumes, spreads and volatility.

The Smart Market Indicator Forecast app generates intraday forecast deviations of future market conditions based on both historical average values and recently observed volume profiles, helping traders to improve trade scheduling and set more accurate algorithm price limits.

ITG Smart Market Indicator is available on the ITG Analytics Incubator, along with several other liquidity cost and volatility index mobile applications including the ITG Equity Trading Cost Index and the ITG FX Trading Cost Index. All indexes and applications are available to the institutional trading community, free of charge.

ITG Analytics Incubator also offers the full suite of ITG Peer Analysis reports. Articles, presentations and videos produced by the ITG Analytics team since 2006 are available on the website.