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RavenPack partners with Alliance News for UK big data analytics

First Published 25th July 2016

RavenPack partners with Alliance News to provide big data analytics to UK focused investors.

London - RavenPack, the provider of big data analytics to financial institutions, is adding an essential source to their analytics platform by partnering with Alliance News, a real-time newsroom dedicated to the UK market.

Alliance News specializes in breaking news on all UK listed stocks, economic issues, central bank decisions and currencies. Their team focuses on uncovering stories and carrying out thorough fact checks in order to provide their clients with information for making decisions. RavenPack aims to help clients incorporate the effects of public information in their models or workflows.

RavenPack has incorporated the full historical news archive from Alliance News and will process all new content published in real-time as part of its big data analytics services. The additional insight provided by Alliance News can help generate more alpha, manage headline risk and assist in market surveillance and compliance tasks.

Alliance News Chief Executive Tom Waite said: "The Brexit vote and its fallout have created a highly news-driven market in London, so the quick Alliance News reporting on corporate actions, broker ratings and public policy is more influential than ever."