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Quantopian hires Dragan Skoko as Head of Trading

First Published 22nd July 2016

Boston - Quantopian, the free online platform, has hired Dragan Skoko as its Head of Trading.

Skoko will lead Quantopian's trading activities as the company implements and manages investment algorithms created by its community members.

"The execution stage of the investment process is where theory and research intersect with reality," said Jonathan Larkin, Quantopian's Chief Investment Officer. "For an investment firm to succeed at scale, it is essential to excel at this stage. I'm pleased to have Dragan lead trading for Quantopian."

Quantopian gives anyone the ability to create and test investment algorithms and be rewarded for their work. Each algorithm on the platform is reviewed and then allocations are selected based on return, risk, style, capacity, and interaction effects. The authors of the selected algorithms receive a share of the profits generated from their investment strategies.

Skoko's background includes FinTech, quantitative investing and institutional trading. He recently served as Head of Trading with Batterymarch Financial Management.