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CBOE to broaden distribution of MSCI index data

First Published 1st August 2016

The Chicago Board Options Exchange plans to broaden data distribution to investors who want to track and trade options on the MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI EAFE Indexes.

Chicago - Beginning in the third quarter, CBOE plans to make real-time values for the underlying MSCI Emerging Markets and MSCI EAFE Indexes available to broker-dealers through CBOE's Market Data Express service. CBOE's data distribution is intended to supplement MSCI's distribution service, which focuses on institutional trading desks, by expanding the distribution of certain MSCI index data to broker- dealers and their customers.

Under an agreement with MSCI Inc., cash-settled, European-style options on the MSCI Indexes have been listed for trading in the U.S. on CBOE since April 2015. IMC Financial Markets serves as the Electronic Designated Primary Market-Maker (E-DPM) for the MSCI options contracts.