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FIA releases SEF Tracker for June 2016

First Published 5th August 2016

Total trading volume on SEF's averaged $573.1 billion per day during the month of June, which showed a strong increase of 25.3% from the previous month and 31.8% from June 2015.

All asset classes showed significant increases in volume, but trading activity in rates was especially strong. Average daily volume in June was the highest since the start of FIA SEF tracker in January 2014.

Rates: Trading averaged $504.2 billion per day in June, which was up 23.7% from May and 36.2% from a year ago. FRA trading averaged $291.7 billion in May, up 21.3% from previous month and 64.2% from June 2015. Non-FRA rates trading increased by 27.3% from previous month and 10.4% from last year. Both FRAs and non-FRAs reached their highest average daily volume since January 2014, the start of FIA SEF tracker. In terms of market share for non-FRAs, Tradeweb captured 17.8% of the market, closely followed by Tullett Prebon with 17.2% and Bloomberg with 15.2%.

Credit: Trading averaged $30.9 billion per day in June, rebounding 66.4% from very low activity in May and up 12.4% from June 2015. Bloomberg captured 73.6% of all credit default swap trading on SEFs in June, followed by Tradeweb with 14.3% and Tullett Prebon with 3.5%.

FX: Trading averaged $38.0 billion per day in June, an increase of 21.5% from the previous month but nearly flat from a year ago. Average daily trading in NDFs was $22.2 billion per day, an increase of 19.6% from May, but approximately the same as last year. In options trading, average volume was $15.3 billion per day, up 24.8% from previous month, and 3.5% from last year. In terms of market share, BGC led the way with 28.5%, followed by ICAP with 21.9% and Tullett Prebon with 15.6%.

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