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Tradition & Tullett Prebon lead GreenKey's Design Partner Program

First Published 8th August 2016

GreenKey announces Design Partner Program led by Interdealer Brokers Tradition and Tullett Prebon.

GreenKey, the digital telephony platform provider, has announced the launch of a Design Partner Program (DPP) led by interdealer brokers Tradition and Tullett Prebon, and involving tier 1 banks, trading firms and exchanges.

In addition to the DPP participants, seven investment banks and several exchanges are testing or deploying GreenKey technology within their respective organizations and developing workflows that utilize GreenKey's speech recognition capabilities and voice-user interface (VUI).

Through the program, Design Partners will work closely with GreenKey, focusing on helping to develop common standards for workflows and use cases for the voice-driven technology. Design Partners will help identify additional key features they would like built into GreenKey offerings, including in the areas of telecommunications, voice collaboration, instant messaging capture and speech recognition for voice-driven workflows.

By digitizing voice, GreenKey aims to help its clients meet U.S. and European regulatory requirements, including pre- and post-trade transparency for voice quotes and trades, satisfaction of best execution for voice, tagging of calls for market soundings, real-time surveillance reports and completeness and retention requirements.