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Colt adds low-latency TOCOM market data

First Published 13th September 2016

Colt has become a market data provider for the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, with the service set to launch alongside the scheduled migration of TOCOM's derivatives trading to the J-GATE trading system operated by Japan Exchange Group.

Tokyo - Firms with trading infrastructure will be able to access low-latency TOCOM ITCH market data in raw format for all TOCOM products, including its key gold, rubber and oil contracts. They can also use connectivity and colocation services provided by Colt, including the Colt PrizmNet financial extranet,low-latency network services, and MarketPrizm Premium Colocation.

The migration of TOCOM trading to the J-GATE trading system aims to make it easier for local and international traders to trade Japanese commodities products. TOCOM contracts are expected to start trading on the J-GATE engine on 20 September 2016.