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Euroclear CSDs migrate to T2S

First Published 13th September 2016

Euroclear migrates its ESES CSDs to the TARGET2-Securities platform. The migration process was completed successfully, alongside the other CSDs connecting to T2S in Wave 3.

Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris - Through their migration to the T2S platform, Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France and Euroclear Nederland connect approximately 40% of the total outstanding in corporate bonds, equities and funds, and 30% of government bonds for T2S markets. Euroclear Finland will also join T2S as part of the final wave scheduled for 18 September 2017.

Facts and figures

  • The migration process was completed in line with Euroclear's plans, with the 'point of no return' reached at 10:00 on Sunday, 11 September.
  • 343,898 balances and 122,519 pending instructions received from ESES' clients were successfully migrated to the T2S platform.
  • In all steps of the migration, the number of rejected instructions was very limited.
  • All balances and settlement reports were sent to clients after the 'point of no return'.